"Sunnyvale School, located close to central Henderson, in Auckland, has a history of positive ERO reports.  The school provides good quality education for students up to Year 6.  Children from some families have attended the school for two or more generations.

The school recently celebrated its 50th jubilee using its new multi-purpose community venue, which is now a hub for school and community events.  Students and staff are proud of their school and its positive profile in the local community.

The school community is culturally rich and inclusive.  Students from diverse backgrounds are respected in the school's supportive, caring culture.  Students with specific learning needs receive good support from experienced teachers..."

Excerpt taken from our ERO Report Feb 2012 - link below



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Contact Information

Sunnyvale Primary School
34 Ribblesdale Road
Henderson 0612
Phone (09) 8389248
Fax (09) 8373989

Cell phone 021 027 46448               Email admin@sunnyvale.school.nz

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