Board of Trustees Meetings

Board Report
Each month we will now be having a Board Report of key items and decisions from each Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting. Please remember that all our meetings are public and we welcome whanau and school community to come along and see what we are doing. Meeting dates can be viewed here.

The agenda and minutes of each meeting are available to view at the office and we will put links to them here as soon as they are available.

Agenda – 23 October 2019

We tackled a lot of administrative tasks this meeting; finalising decisions around how we approve spending and updating our progress on reviewing our school policies.  We approved some refurbishment to our older classes that will make these brighter; healthier and more functional learning spaces.

Agenda – 25 September 2019

At this meeting we approved the signs for the exterior of our building as a way of communicating our school motto and values and creating a sense of place and identity.  We discussed staffing for next year and how to best manage this.

Agenda – 28 August 2019

A key focus for this months meeting was discussing our current polices and making a plan for overhauling them to create meaningful and accessible polices that enable and support good decision making.  We looked at our tamariki’s maths data and heard how there are strategies being developed to improve student achievement in maths.  The decision to scope the potential for both a Samoan and a Maori immersion class was welcomed and unanimously supported

Minutes – 28 August 2019

Agenda – 31 July 2019

July 2019 – This month we discussed student achievement and how important it is to link this to our strategic decision making and polices to enable us to support every child at Sunnyvale to experience success in their learning. We are planning on developing a Board Diary that will lay out how we will do this.